Why You Need to Spring Clean Your Life in 2022It's that time of year again! As you're no doubt aware, "spring-cleaning" is a pretty popular concept that's been around forever. In fact, I'm guessing that you probably already do a thorough cleaning of your home or throw out what you don't need to make room for the new - but have you ever thought about applying the same idea to your life? As we declutter our homes of things we no longer need or use, it’s also equally important to rid our lives of negativity, toxicity, and usher in a healthier frame of mind and better habits. Doing so can lead to a better quality of life, more joy, and satisfaction as you can start your spring on a fresh note getting rid of the ideas, habits, or behaviors that no longer serve you. Especially over the last few years, some of us have adopted unhelpful habits, or understandably increased our avoidance responses to stress and constant uncertainty during the pandemic (take out and Netflix or video games, anyone?), and taken on extra responsibilities around the house that maybe left us too tired to do self-care or decluttering of our mental spaces as well. If there is anything we've learned over the last few years, it's that we can't control everything, but we can learn to control ourselves and the way we handle situations.If you’ve never done anything like it before, don’t worry! I've come up with ten tips, so you can perform a thorough and personal spring-cleaning for your life. Let’s jump right in!10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your LifePhoto: Firmbee
1. Focus & Detox Your Mind“Empty the old thoughts, emotions, and words, in your body and mind, so that your heart can show you the new story you came to live” -Roxana JonesPerhaps the most important step is to detox your mind. Most of us have been in a constant state of anxiety, stress, glued to the news feeling scared, angry, panicked. Start by shutting off all the distractions, multi-tasking, rushing, notifications, buzzing, etc. Take some time to really gain clarity on which thoughts, fears, worries, or have been overwhelming you. Try to limit your news intake for starters and see what things in your life you do have control over. Next, take an overview of your normal day, do you have any habits or behaviors that are sabotaging you or are preventing you from moving forward? Do you have any energy zappers during your day? What's sucking away your energy, peace or happiness?The fact is that we only have control over our minds and unfortunately not over every situation. But we can respond or react. Try integrating mindfulness into your routine to keep a clearer mind with less overwhelm and more clarity.2. Throw Out Negative HabitsIn many ways, we’re a product of all of our ingrained thoughts, habits, rituals, and patterns. Because they influence how we live our lives, we have to do an honest overview to identify our self-defeating behaviors and habits by recognizing their impact on how we live. What negative habits to you have in areas of your life (finance, family, health and fitness, work, and so on) that you should 'throw out'? Compare your current state with your ideal state to understand the reasons why you haven’t reached your full potential yet.“Knowledge is learning something new everyday. Wisdom is letting go of some bad habits everyday.” ― Farshad AslPhoto: Alexa WilliamsTake a step back and ask yourself:Is this habit aligned with my goals?Why do I do this?Am I doing it out of societal or peer pressure? The next time you feel compelled to engage in habits that don't align with your goals, try distracting yourself with an alternate activity.

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