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Emotional Release Breathwork –

Discover the transformative power of Emotional Release Breathwork – an add-on service that helps you break free from past negative patterns. Delve into your mindset, release unhelpful habits, and embrace positive change. Unlock your potential, step into empowerment, and create a life of clarity, growth, and emotional well-being.

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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping

Harness the power of this mind-body technique that uses 'tapping' on acupuncture points on the face to enhance emotional well-being. Release stress, worries, fears, and limiting beliefs. Dissolve emotional blocks and self-sabotaging patterns. Rediscover inner balance and transformation through this powerful method.

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Life Coaching with (EFT) Tapping

Transformational Coaching with EFT Tapping: Embark on a journey to uncover clarity, purpose, and intentions. Break free from blocks that hinder courage, self-belief, and banish self-doubt. Step into your authentic power with this transformative blend, where the magic of change unfolds in your mindset and in your life.


"I had THE most transformational session with Andrea a few weeks ago and I am still feeling so different, I can't thank her enough! I am very used to alternative therapies, so I was really looking forward to trying Tapping - I had done this through YouTube videos, but never a personalised session. Andrea is very gifted in guiding you through the EFT session, she seemed to innately know the language to use in order to get the biggest insights and change in how I was felling - which went from being quite stressed, through to calm and then feeling really good! Thank you so much for helping me with so many insights, followed by an emotional release and then helping me feel so much better. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to manage stress / anxiety, change self limiting beliefs and build confidence and feel better about themselves. Thank you Andrea, you are amazing as what you do - this needs to be experienced to be believed."

L. Cressey

"I saw Andrea for a one-off EFT session, to help process some triggering experiences and better prepare myself for future flare-ups. I talked through the challenges I’ve been going through, and the EFT session gradually shifted from a set script to a more fluid conversation about the factors leading up to these triggering experiences. I felt myself becoming much calmer over the course of the EFT session, feeling much more confident and secure about how I’d handle those situations in the future. Andrea was incredibly kind and supportive, and we even had a wonderful conversation afterwards where we swapped advice and techniques with each other. I absolutely enjoyed my time with Andrea, and I couldn’t recommend her enough!"

Amy. L

"I did a 6 session EFT Tapping package with Andrea and the entire time I worked with her she was warm, welcoming, compassionate, empathetic, and kind. I was able to release some of the emotional/energetic garbage I've been carrying around due to a lifetime of negative/traumatic experiences. She can be light-hearted and funny during the tapping sessions as it seems appropriate which makes the experience more enjoyable. You basically work on whatever you feel you need to work on the most during the session. If you are considering finding an EFT Tapping coach, I would definitely recommend her!!"

J. Kozlowski

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