Living Deliberately: Transform your mind with the power of coaching & EFT Tapping

So you boldly took the road less traveled but you still have confidence & identity issues thriving successfully in another country?

I empower expats and digital nomads who boldly took the road less traveled to thrive abroad with confidence.

Stop settling! Go from anxious and uncertain to courageous and unconfident.

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"Andrea is an incredible EFT practitioner. Prior to the session I felt anxious, overwhelmed and unable to think a coherent thought. Andrea was so warm and wise that I felt completely at ease and I trusted her completely. At the end of the process I felt completely different - the anxiety had melted away in the space of an hour. Thank you so much ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

R. Birtles

"I just had an amazing SRT clearing session with Andrea. We touched my deepest wounds and with each clearing I felt myself healing more and more, how the pain and hurt leave and are replaced with love and hopefulness again.

Andrea is very thorough, and caring, I felt free sharing my deepest thoughts and she listened with lots of love and empathy and it's amazing how one session can make so much of a difference."

R. Shenhav

"I'm a French expat living in the UK. Andrea helped to dig deep into the core of my beliefs and made me realise that what I was telling myself wasn't necessarily what I really believed.

I am now more grateful about what I have accomplished so far instead of always looking at what I haven't done yet. Thank you! "

H. Dollie

"'As an American living and working between Austria and Germany, I sought Andrea's services to help me perform better at work.

I love Andrea's style and approach to coaching. She was very friendly, patient and calm with me during our sessions. She helped to peel back layers, remove negative thinking patterns and get to the point of the matter to a problem that I wasn't initially aware I had.

Her techniques in helping to build up confidence in the workplace, especially when being a woman and working with older German men with traditional thinking, has definitely helped me in my career advancements."

Chrissy Q.

"I’ve worked with Andrea for over a year and it’s astonishing how much she has helped me in our sessions. There's something about her that just made me feel comfortable immediately and I could tell she genuinely wanted to help. She has this way of getting to the root issue of my problem and it’s usually something that never even occurred to me. Her blend of coaching and tapping has helped my confidence grow and she’s gotten me to break up with a lot of my limiting beliefs.  I highly recommend her to everyone."

L. Polak

"Andrea has been such a professional, friendly and personable person to speak to every week. I went into this process with no idea what to expect however Andrea has supported and guided me every step of the way; supporting me through the pandemic and a redundancy.

Andrea has been there to listen but also to ask those difficult questions to help me evaluate my goals, values and focus my energy on those areas I want to change.

I have really enjoyed having Andrea as part of my support network, I look forward to building our relationship further in the future and would recommend Andrea to anyone interested in starting life coaching."

E. O'Connor

"I am a Syrian journalist based in London. I was struggling to find new ways to advance in my writing career and shift it more towards creative writing.

Coaching sessions with Andrea have helped me commit to creative writing and make decisions that take me towards my desired destination.

The sessions have also helped me in my personal life, as I was able to analyze my relationships further and understand my needs more"

A. Albezreh
AEFTP Certified EFT Professional, Accredited Diploma in Coach Training, ACSTH ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours, EMCC Global Quality Award Practitioner, ICF Member International Coaching FederationShe Rises Leadership CollectiveBRAINZ
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