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"'As an American living and working between Austria and Germany, I sought Andrea's services to help me perform better at work. I love Andrea's style and approach to coaching. She was very friendly, patient and calm with me during our sessions. She helped to peel back layers, remove negative thinking patterns and get to the point of the matter to a problem that I wasn't initially aware I had. Her techniques in helping to build up confidence in the workplace, especially when being a woman and working with older German men with traditional thinking, has definitely helped me in my career advancements."

Chrissy Q.

"I had the opportunity to come to know Andrea and have her guide me during an EFT session recently.I found Andrea to be passionate about helping people and she quickly worked with me to understand the process of EFT, how it could help me with my limiting beliefs and began the process of unblocking my energy. Her way of asking questions to understand the underlying feelings and emotions was effective and we were able to have a breakthrough that allowed me to move forward. I highly recommend working with Andrea on any areas in your life where you seek to improve and progress.”

D. Carroll

"I just had an amazing SRT clearing session with Andrea. We touched my deepest wounds and with each clearing I felt myself healing more and more, how the pain and hurt leave and are replaced with love and hopefulness again. Andrea is very thorough, and caring, I felt free sharing my deepest thoughts and she listened with lots of love and empathy and it's amazing how one session can make so much of a difference."

R. Shenhav