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EFT Empowerment Coaching & Emotional Health for a better life

Empowering individuals, professionals and business leaders to thrive with better emotional health and unwavering confidence. Break free from comfort zones without stress, anxiety and fears, embracing a life of purpose, resilience, joy, and growth.

My clients have included:  Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Expats and Digital Nomads, Teachers, Nurses & Hospitality Professionals, Moms & Dads, and Students...

With extensive global experience, whatever you're background, whatever you're facing, I can help you work through your challenges. Whether creating anew or rebuilding your life, I provide the emotional tools and empowering healing for ultimate fulfillment.

Build confidence, build success, and let's redefine your journey to master the art of living deliberately.

Emotional health and unstoppable confidence are at your fingertips! 

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 More Peace. More Power. Less Fear.
More You.

“You're one decision away from a totally different life.”
- Mel Robbins

My certifications and qualifications:

AEFTP Certified EFT Professional, Accredited Diploma in Coach Training, ACSTH ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours, EMCC Global Quality Award Practitioner, ICF Member International Coaching Federation
Self-awareness helps you unblock unhealthy patterns

Emotional Health:

Elevate your daily experience! Emotional well-being is the cornerstone of confidence, effectiveness, and productivity. Without feeling good emotionally, we lack resilience and struggle to handle life's challenges. EFT tapping sessions empower you to release stress, overwhelm, and reframe situations, providing clarity and the ability to navigate life with ease.

Empowerment gets you unstuck so you can stop struggling and raise your standards.

Healing Belief Wounds:

Break free from limiting beliefs! Many carry wounds from past experiences that echo in feelings of not being enough, undeserving, or unsafe to be ourselves. EFT empowerment coaching is your key to releasing these belief wounds, letting go of emotional baggage, and reframing your mindset to embrace positivity and self-worth.

Building Confidence:

Unleash your inner strength! Confidence is a muscle we exercise, and EFT empowerment coaching is your personal trainer. By releasing fears of inadequacy, judgment, and self-doubt, you pave the way for unwavering self-assurance. Like a journey to the gym, EFT helps you overcome self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, allowing your confidence to shine as you conquer your goals.

Gain Clarity, Build Emotional Resilience, and Increase  Confidence for a Richer, More Fulfilling Life!

How does EFT Empowerment Coaching work?

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Transformational Coaching can be used as a powerful tool to improve your self-awareness, uncover blocks and resistance to possibilities, navigate challenges in life, set clear intentions for your future, create more balance in certain areas, and fulfill your goals in life.

EFT Tapping is a powerful mind body tool to overcome past situations, reframe your mindset, unblock limiting beliefs and self sabotage, manage stress, anxiety, and emotional health, improve confidence, and change the way you think and feel about things.

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EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Discover How Your Attachment Style Affects Your Boundaries (And How EFT Tapping Can Help)

Understanding how to set healthy boundaries is more crucial than ever. But what if our ability to establish these boundaries is influenced by something deeply ingrained within us and we don't even realize it? Many studies suggest a link between our attachment styles and our ability to set boundaries – a link that affects how we manage stress, relationships, and our self-esteem. This blog post explores how Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping can be a powerful tool in overcoming the challenges posed by our attachment styles, leading us toward a more empowered self.

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EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Embracing Assertiveness: How EFT Tapping Helps You Stand Your Ground Without Feeling Guilty - ultimate guide!

Ever found yourself saying "yes" when you meant "no" or holding back to avoid conflict? You're not alone. The fear of seeming rude or aggressive often traces back to past experiences, especially in childhood. The downside? Feeling overlooked, taken advantage of, and nursing resentment. Ready to reclaim your voice? Read more to learn how you can master assertiveness..

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EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

The High Cost of Always Saying Yes: How People-Pleasing Is Fueling Your Work Burnout

Let's talk about the hidden link between work burnout and people-pleasing. Feelings of guilt, fear, and boundary-setting worries can impact your professional life. EFT tapping is the key to releasing these emotions, and fostering a healthier, guilt-free approach to work. Break free – embrace emotional well-being with EFT tapping!

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"I am a German expat living in the US and wanted to try coaching because I am transitioning from a Corporate 9-5 life to entrepreneurship. Andrea was incredibly helpful in finding my path and gaining confidence for this very challenging journey. I love that she always asks the right questions, leading me to answers and solutions that I would have otherwise never found. Her coaching was really valuable to me and finally set me up for success."

N. Jay

"I am a Syrian journalist based in London. I was struggling to find new ways to advance in my writing career and shift it more towards creative writing. Coaching sessions with Andrea have helped me commit to creative writing and make decisions that take me towards my desired destination. The sessions have also helped me in my personal life, as I was able to analyze my relationships further and understand my needs more"

A. Albezreh

"I'm an Italian expat living in the UK; I strongly recommend Andrea, she is a positive person able to bring a lot of light. She is a good listener and you will definitely find an excellent support! Thanks Andrea!"

A. Sieve

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