Living deliberately: life coaching & EFT Tapping for expats & travelers

Stop settling - untangle yourself, change unhelpful beliefs & patterns, empower yourself with personal growth for a more fulfilling life.

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Let me help you get out of your own damn way

“You're always one decision away from a totally different life.”
- Mark Batterson

Self-awareness helps you unblock unhealthy patterns


Are you aware of your sabotaging thoughts or behaviors? Get clarity and self-aware to finally break unhealthy patterns. Unclutter your belief system that is holding you back.

Empowerment gets you unstuck so you can stop struggling and raise your standards.


What's keeping you stuck? Get clarity and get out of the cycle of struggle to take charge of your life. Raise your standards and get what you deserve. Create change that empowers that decision.


Don't have people who get your desire to change? Nervous about making changes alone and being accountable for your actions to reach your goals? I'll keep you focused and motivated.

Get clarity & take action to create a richer, more fulfilling life

How do life-coaching & EFT work?

Life coaching can be used as a powerful tool to improve your self-awareness, uncover possibilities, navigate challenges, set clear intentions, create more balance in certain areas, and fulfill your goals in life.

EFT tapping is a powerful active meditation tool based on Chinese acupuncture points to overcome situations by changing your mindset, unblock limiting beliefs, manage stress & anxiety, improve confidence and change the way you think about things.

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Expat Life

How Expat Life Changed My Ideas of Thanksgiving and the Meaning of ‘Home’

One of the sometimes more difficult aspects of living in another country is that you want to recreate holidays the surrounding culture doesn’t celebrate. Somehow, the ideas of your childhood holidays become more important when you live abroad many years. My idea today of Thanksgiving is simple: gather friends or family, eat turkey, drink good wine, and spend time together. Here's how the meaning of Thanksgiving changed for me as an expat.

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Personal Growth

What's the Deal with Limiting Beliefs? Here's Everything You Need To Know..

Are you aware of some of the ways you sabotage or hold yourself back? Procrastination? Feeling you're not good enough? We all have helpful and unhelpful beliefs in our lives that affect the way we show up in situations, with people, and in life. Read on to understand what limiting beliefs are and where they come from...

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Personal Growth

5 Powerful Tips To Help Manage Everyday Stress

Many of us struggle with anxiety, others of us lead stressful lives where we're juggling responsibilities with work, family, social obligations, bills, and all the issues that come along with those everyday situations. This is exactly why we must be able to prepare ourselves better for stressful situations, “release” our stress as it presents itself, and try not to let concerns from the previous day or days interfere with our present and tomorrow. Here are 5 Stress busting tips.

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"I am a German expat living in the US and wanted to try coaching because I am transitioning from a Corporate 9-5 life to entrepreneurship. Andrea was incredibly helpful in finding my path and gaining confidence for this very challenging journey. I love that she always asks the right questions, leading me to answers and solutions that I would have otherwise never found. Her coaching was really valuable to me and finally set me up for success."

N. Jay

"I am a Syrian journalist based in London. I was struggling to find new ways to advance in my writing career and shift it more towards creative writing. Coaching sessions with Andrea have helped me commit to creative writing and make decisions that take me towards my desired destination. The sessions have also helped me in my personal life, as I was able to analyze my relationships further and understand my needs more"

A. Albezreh

"I'm an Italian expat living in the UK; I strongly recommend Andrea, she is a positive person able to bring a lot of light. She is a good listener and you will definitely find an excellent support! Thanks Andrea!"

A. Sieve

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