"The Knight With a Heart: the Power of Tapping": Deep Dive with Ognjen Livada, Author of Pioneering EFT Tapping Book for Kids!

Embark on a journey of resilience with Ognjen Livada, the author of 'The Knight With a Heart- the Power of Tapping.' Explore why EFT Tapping can be the key to nurturing emotional well-being for kids. Discover practical insights on how families can incorporate these techniques into daily life, fostering resilience and self-discovery. Join us for an enlightening conversation on cultivating emotional strength in young hearts.

In an enlightening interview, I had the pleasure of speaking with Ognjen Livada, the creative mind behind the groundbreaking EFT Tapping book for kids, titled "The Knight With a Heart."

Livada shared invaluable insights into the inspiration behind his work and the transformative impact it aims to have on young minds.

In our conversation, he delved into the importance of introducing Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to children, highlighting the role it plays in fostering emotional resilience and well-being.

From the creative process of crafting a children's book to the profound potential of EFT in nurturing a positive mindset, Livada's perspectives shed light on the power of incorporating mindfulness practices into the lives of young readers.

Read on for the full interview to gain a deeper understanding of how "The Knight With a Heart" is set to improve emotional learning for children.

But first, what is EFT Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Tapping, a therapeutic approach often referred to as "psychological acupressure," serves as a powerful tool for enhancing emotional health in both adults and children. By gently tapping on specific acupuncture points, EFT aims to alleviate stress, anxiety, and even sadness.

This holistic technique encourages self-love and resilience by addressing emotional blockages and promoting a healthier mindset. As adults navigate the complexities of daily life, EFT becomes a valuable practice to manage stressors effectively.

When introduced to children, it offers a developmentally appropriate means for them to understand and manage their emotions, fostering emotional intelligence from an early age. In the pursuit of overall well-being, EFT stands as a versatile and accessible tool, providing individuals of all ages with the means to cultivate emotional resilience and nurture a more positive relationship with themselves.

Why is EFT Tapping Helpful for Kids? 

According to the site: Nurture Children's Health: 

"EFT can be an excellent tool for helping children to learn about and self-manage their emotions. One of the main benefits of using EFT for children is that it is non-invasive and has no side effects. It can also be used as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with other treatments, and can be self-administered or facilitated by a therapist or parent.
It is a safe and effective tool that can support children in developing a positive self-image, improve self esteem, and improve overall well being. By incorporating tapping routines, positive affirmations to replace negative self-talk, and teaching children to focus on self-care, we can help children build emotional intelligence and resilience for the future."

Can you share a bit about your background as an author?

From a young age, I loved writing, but my entrance into children's literature truly began with the birth of my niece, Nika. Later, my nephew Roko was born, and finally, my son Vilim. They all became inspirations and motivations for various stories.

Around the same time (more than 10 years ago), I started working for an NGO where I conducted workshops with children, an experience I cherished. It was during this period that stories effortlessly flowed into my mind, and they continue to do so.

What inspired you to create a book specifically focused on EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for children?

First and foremost, EFT played a significant role in my life. Not only I was an EFT practitioner, but I also used it, and continue to use it, countless times. Emotional hygiene is crucial, and EFT serves as an effective cleanser for the emotional body. It is not only important for children but also for parents. If we don't know how to handle our emotions, how can we teach our children?

What inspired the creation of these characters, and do they have any personal significance to you?

Once, I was telling a dozen kindergarten children at a public library a Brad Yeats EFT story called 'Wizard Wish.' When I finished the story, the children wanted another one. 'Sure,' I replied and asked them to provide characters they wanted in the new story. They created a girl, a knight, and a dragon. I improvised, and here's the story I came up with. I enjoy improvising.😊

What do you hope to achieve with this book, and what impact do you envision it having on young readers?

It would be great if we all started to love and accept ourselves, regardless of the situations we find ourselves in. This way, we could have much better relationships with ourselves and make a change in a world that we would love to see. Additionally, we can better understand not just ourselves but others as well.

Can you share your personal experience with EFT tapping? How did you first discover it, and how has it influenced your life?

I tried a lot of different techniques to create myself a better life, and by pure chance, I stumbled upon EFT. It seemed overly simple, but I decided to give it a try. I was amazed. At times, it felt like the tapping would never end. Maybe it won't, but I'm completely okay with that now. It's wonderful when you manage to release the accumulated sea of sadness or anger within yourself. Sometimes, it's still hard for me to believe how powerful EFT is. I use it every day.

Why is it important to teach kids the importance of EFT tapping for their emotional health?

When working with adults, you understand how often the root of their problems stems from their childhood, a blocked emotion, or a limited belief. Naturally, it would be better to teach kids how to handle their emotions. It is easier to do it when they are young. There is a lack of information about emotional management. More or less, in the school system or traditional values, they teach us how not to show emotions, rather than how to handle them.

EFT might seem like a complex concept for children. How do you simplify and present the technique in a way that is accessible and enjoyable for kids?

Photo: Senjuti Kundu

Make it fun! Pick simple words. Don't stress about hitting all the right points; the main thing is kids have to love it. And hey, you should enjoy it too! No need to be a smarty-pants.

Can you provide some examples of situations in which you've used EFT with children, and how they responded to the practice?

One day, my son came to me all serious (he was 12). He shared his big problem he had and asked if we could do tapping. So, we tapped. Problem solved! It was a massive relief for him. Now, when I think back, I'm so grateful he asked for help.

On a positive note, what has been the most rewarding aspect of creating this book for children and their families?

Knowing that these stories can contribute to creating an emotionally healthier childhood and a happier family life is truly rewarding. It also provides a great opportunity to express my gratitude to EFT.

For parents or educators who want to introduce EFT to children, do you have any tips to make the experience more effective?

When they asked Michael Jordan what is the first thing he would teach children to become great basketball players, he answered: "Let them fall in love with basketball." So, no pressure, no harsh words. Make it fun. Easy. Let them fall in love with tapping.

Are you interested in this book for your son or daughter?

Get it below:

If you're in the US, get the paperback here: https://amzn.to/3HPQL0J

If you're in Germany, get the paperback here: https://amzn.to/42tkNRg

If you're in the UK, get the paperback here: https://amzn.to/42wXuq3

About the Author: 

Ognjen Livada, born in Zagreb in 1976, graduated from the Faculty of Forestry at the University of Zagreb.

Photo: Ognjen Livada

After working in the field for few years, he discovered his passion for working with children and changed his career, dedicating himself to carrying out creative workshops for elementary and high school students. For a decade, he immersed himself in this fulfilling role.He has authored over a dozen children's stories, although the majority of them are in Croatian.

Ognjen has also contributed columns to several magazines and parenting portals. As the author of two blogs(one about parenting, the other about EFT), his work garnered attention not only in domestic media but also in Italy and New Zealand. Ognjen enjoys traveling and often engages in storytelling and workshops abroad. His ventures have taken him to China, Bulgaria,Turkey, and New Zealand. Back in Croatia, he has conducted numerous storytelling sessions in preschools, libraries, elementary and high schools, as well as retirement homes.In recognition of his literary efforts, Ognjen Livada received funding to support his creative endeavors from the Croatian Ministry of Culture in 2022.

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