Revolutionize Your Workday: Exploring Focusmate's Role in Redefining Productivity

Every day is different for me depending on how many client sessions, upcoming workshops, etc. Sometimes, it's hard to concentrate because I am answering emails, in and out of meetings so I need to really make use of my time. This is where Focusmate has been super helpful changer for my concentration, focus and accountability, getting deadlines crossed off my list, and also meeting new people. And now I can’t shut up about it. Read on to see why I use it and see if maybe it could help you too…

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How Focusmate Helped Me Improve My Productivity

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FOCUSMATE is a virtual coworking platform that has been a true game changer for my productivity especially when traveling. So much so that I wanted to write an article about them! Those of you who know me know I have kind of an expat and digital nomad combo lifestyle.

Working from home since the Pandemic lockdown was a huge change for me (even though I have an office) and it has taken some adjustment to really be efficient in between times when I have clients to finish my admin tasks, accounting, social media postings, blog articles, etc.

Not gonna lie, having my office at home means I can get distracted if I'm not careful. I really have had to adjust to stay productive as this year I've had more clients, am working on another published book, and part of workshops, summits, etc.

Especially when I travel and stay in different places for a few weeks or months, I need to be able to focus even though my environment keeps changing and I need to adapt. Since every day is different for me depending on how many client sessions, upcoming workshops, etc., I need to be able to get things done efficiently.

This is where Focusmate have been super helpful for my focus and accountability, getting deadlines crossed off my list, and also meeting new people. And now I can’t shut up about it. Read on to see why I use it and see if maybe it could help you too…

What is Focusmate?

Focusmate offers sessions of virtual coworking with other users around the world, allowing me to schedule chunks of time when I can work alongside an accountability partner and focus on one task at a time.

In the time I have been using it, I’ve done everything from going through annoying tasks like sifting through TONS of receipts and documents for my taxes (something I would never be motivated to do on my own), doing my morning routine, batch-creating videos for Youtube, blogging, working on my Ebook.

The funny thing is, I have seen people use it for everything from cleaning out their closets, creating Tiktok videos, taking a few minutes to organize their desks, unsubscribing from newsletters, booking plane tickets, etc.

Focusmate acts as a social accountability tool, simulating the experience of working in a co-working space even if you are working remotely. It is not just a productivity app, but a powerful tool that connects people from all over the world for accountability.

The platform is perfect for remote workers, freelancers, and even office workers looking to boost their productivity in a structured and efficient manner. Whether you are a solopreneur or part of a larger team, Focusmate helps increase your focus, productivity, and ultimately, your success.

How does Focusmate work?

Photo: Focusmate

1. Sign up for an account

2. Create your profile

3. Go to the calendar

4. Select the day and time you want and the time slot of 25, 50, or 75 minutes either in advance or spontanously.

5. You will be matched with a person

6. Say hello and tell them what you’re going to work on

7. Do your thing!

8. Check back when the chime goes off and let your partner know how you did

9. Star your partner if you liked them and want to get match with them again!

10. Go to your next session!

Check out their demo video here.

Benefits of Using Focusmate:

Uninterrupted Sessions

During these virtual co-working sessions, I'm much less distracted because I'm working alongside their accountability partners. This unique approach creates an environment conducive to productivity and helps me to stay on track with my tasks.

By committing to these uninterrupted sessions, I have found that I can stay more focused and complete my work more efficiently. The presence of an accountability partner provides a sense of support and motivation, further enhancing my productivity.

With Focusmate, I avoid checking my social media, checking email a million times in a day just because I get a notification, or other distractions that often derail my productivity. Instead, I can fully dedicate my attention to the task at hand, knowing that my accountability partner is doing the same.

It's a powerful tool that can help you achieve your productivity goals and boost your overall efficiency.

Honestly, I am shocked at what I can do in a day with back to back 25 min sessions!

Chunks of Time To Focus

Photo: Focusmate

Focusmate understands the importance of focused work sessions, which is why they have implemented the concept of "Chunks of Time To Focus" in their platform, similar to the “Pomodoro Method”.

Users can schedule dedicated work sessions in specific time increments, such as 25, 50, or 75-minute sessions, to ensure uninterrupted focus on their tasks.

This approach has several benefits. Firstly, it helps eliminate the common problem of getting lost in endless tasks, multi-tasking, or spending excessive time on one task.

By setting a specific time limit for each session, users are encouraged to work efficiently and move on to the next task once the time is up.

For me, knowing that I have a dedicated time slot to work on a specific task motivates me to stay focused and complete my work within the allocated time.

I find I can get SO MUCH more done when I stick to the 25-minute sessions because I know I have limited time to concentrate and finish a task.

Secondly, scheduling focused work sessions allows me to break up my work day into manageable chunks and allocate time accordingly.

Virtual Co-Working Space

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One of the key benefits of Focusmate is the ability to join unlimited virtual coworking sessions 24/7 - because there is always someone in the world online doing something. This means that no matter where I am or what time it is, I will always be partnered with someone. Whether I need to tackle a challenging task or simply want to stay focused, Focusmate offers the flexibility to join sessions that align with my schedule.

What I think is truly remarkable is the ability to be able to connect people with people from different corners of the world, forging unexpected friendships and opportunities for growth. If you get along with someone, you have the ability to "star" and favorite them, allowing you to see your favorite people’s schedules and book sessions with them.

Throughout the time I’ve been using Focusmate, I've met and partnered with people from diverse professions and backgrounds, each offering a unique perspective and motivation for productivity. The brief yet meaningful interactions throughout the day not only boost my productivity but also create cool little moments of connection. It's amazing how this tool can introduce you to people you might never have met otherwise, expanding your horizons and leaving you with a network of like-minded individuals from all walks of life.

Remote Workers, Digital Nomads, and Expat Office Workers Alike Can Benefit

Digital Nomads and office workers alike can greatly benefit from using Focusmate. This innovative platform provides a virtual co-working space that caters to the needs of both groups, offering a range of features to enhance productivity and collaboration.

For remote workers and as a digital nomad, I can’t tell you how many sessions I’ve done from my AirBnb. By working alongside others virtually, I can still be accountable, which is something that can be difficult to adjust to when you travel for work.

Similarly, office workers can also benefit from Focusmate’s virtual co-working sessions. By logging into Focusmate, office workers can create chunks of uninterrupted time to focus on important tasks and projects without interruptions.


In our ever-evolving work landscape, with remote work becoming the norm, staying productive is a top priority. That's where FOCUSMATE comes in. It's a simple yet effective tool that helps you stay on track with your tasks while also providing a chance to connect with like-minded individuals around the world.

If you're looking to boost your productivity and make some interesting connections in the process, give it a try. It might just be the missing piece to your work-from-home puzzle.

You can use my link to join for free, you get 3 sessions a week for free. If you want unlimited sessions, there is a monthly fee of 6.99$ or 9.99$ depending on if you sign up for a monthly or yearly plan.

Try Focusmate for free! Use this link to learn more.

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